Top 5 Plastic Surgery Clinics in South Korea

There’s a reason why the capital of south Korea is well know for being the epicentric of plastic surgery: Because major plastic surgery clinics with great doctors are literally all around you. Not only South Korea is home for several of the most amazing, top-notch plastic surgery clinics in the whole world, but the prices are usually way more cheaper there than in any other country.

That’s the reason so many people travel to South Korea anytime they want to get plastic surgery, because there’s where you’ll find the best clinics and doctors.

plastic surgery korea


Take a look at the top 5 plastic surgery clinics in South Korea

Everyone of the clinics mentioned are extremely famous, known for its excellent services and great doctors, however, the list is not in any particular order, whatever clinic you choose will be a great option.

  1. The Line Plastic Surgery Clinic

    This particular clinic facility is well known for being one of the most innovative clinics on all of South Korea, offering nothing but the best to anyone who enters the building.
    Top notch procedures, the most advanced plastic surgery methods are qualified surgeons will be waiting for you at the Line Clinic in Seoul, South Korea.


  2.  MINE Plastic Surgery Clinic

    Runned by an American-Korean surgeon, this particular clinic is know for two major things: One, they focus on offering less invasive plastic surgery procedures, and two, MINE Plastic Surgery clinic designed for foreign patients, so everyone is trained to speak fluent english.

  3. HER SHE Plastic Surgery clinic

    This one isn’t only a clinic, but a dermatology center too. They specialised on less invasive plastic surgery procedures and easier cosmetic surgery methods in efforts to reach that natural beauty everyone seems to be after. They have a qualified team of doctors and are ready to take care of your needs.

  4. The Banobagi Plastic Surgery Center

    This particular clinic is known for offering counseling to the patients and help them know what kind of plastic surgery procedures will be the best for them.
    They are all about simple, less invasive cosmetic procedures. They do not encourage the constant use of plastic surgery, but will rather advice you on how to get the perfect results by going under the less numbers of plastic surgery attempts.

  5. The Answer Plastic Surgery Clinic

    Last, but not least, is the Answer Plastic Surgery Clinic, owned and carried by Doctor Choi Min, he is the surgeon in lead of every procedure being made on his clinic.
    They focus on giving the patient what they want, while achieving that natural, fresh look. And they are known for using only the best technology in every single one of the procedures done.

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