Top 5 Korean Beauty Secrets for a Flawless Skin

It isn’t a secret for anyone that Korean women (and men too!) have incredible flawless skin. They are known worldwide for always having healthy, glowy skin, but… How do they do this?

The truth is, Koreans take great care of their skin and don’t take skin care lightly. From extensive skincare routines to hundreds of products, they are constantly looking for the best way to improve their skin.

So, if you want to have flawless, healthy skin just like them, you can do it! You just have to try these top 5 Korean beauty secrets and watch your skin become so much healthier almost instantly.

Korean beauty

  1. Create a skincare routine.
    Let’s start with the secret almost everyone knows, the 10 steps skincare routines. If you want to achieve that perfect skin you HAVE to commit to a skincare routine.

    The famous 10 steps skincare routine includes everything from face cleanser, oils, special soaps and face masks. It’s an extensive but really helpful routine you need to try!

  2. Massage your face while in the shower.
    A great way to clean your pores and help your skin look better is turning up the hot water in the shower and let the steam fill up the room, kinda like a sauna! And then, carefully massage your face moving your fingers in circular motions. This will help to clear up your pores and achieving that dewy, glowing skin.
  3. Put on a face-mask before going to sleep.
    The night time is the best time to apply some face-mask and let them on for the rest of the day. Not only this will keep your face hydrated all throughout the night, but it will leave your skin feeling fresh and smooth the next day. Just make sure to pick a moisturizer face-mask that will actually hydrate your skin.
  4. Exfoliate your skin daily.
    Exfoliating is a HUGE part of skin care (actually, you should include it in your skin care routine) however, if you want to upgrade this particular tip, try exfoliating with a wet washcloth. The main idea is to massage your face using a wet cloth previously soaked in warm or hot water, massaging carefully all over your face.
  5. Eat chicken feet!
    Believe it or not, chicken feet are incredibly good for the skin since they have a lot of collagen. Chicken feet are a very popular meal in South Korea and most women eat it to keep their skin looking healthy and young.

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