Things you need to know about South Korea’s culture before traveling

South Korea has become a popular destination for tourist from all around the world. The beautiful places, the music, and the culture are attracting more and more people as the years go by.

However, before you travel to this beautiful and enigmatic country there are a couple of things you should know about South Korea’s culture, things that will make your trip a lot more easier.

Things you need to know about South Korea’s

Five things you should know about South Korea’s culture

Before we begin, you should know South Korea is a country based on its culture, which goes back centuries ago and much like other Asian countries, it’s centered around respect and family.

Now that you’ve got that in mind, let’s talk about the five things you should definitely know about South Korea’s culture before making your trip there! Are you ready?

  1. Removing your shoes before entering a house is a MUST.
    Much like in other Asian cultures, removing your shoes before entering a house it’s a sign of respect towards the family living there, not doing this is extremely disrespectful to them!

    Make sure to take them off before entering the house and carry yourself properly once you go in. You’ll find out Korean people are extremely nice and welcoming if you show respect and appreciation.

  2. Prepare to eat a lot of rice.
    This also common in other Asian countries, and it’s certainly not the exception here. Korean food is delicious and most of the dishes are either made of rice, or include them in the meal.

    Be prepared to be offered a bowl of rice whenever visiting a local home. It’s something pretty common and chances are you will love whatever they give you.

  3. There is no number four in Korea.
    Yes, that’s right, the number four is literally considered of “bad luck” in South Korea, which is why you shouldn’t be surprised at all if you can’t spot any house or floor with this particular number on it!
  4. Kimchi is very, very important.
    We have already stated that South Korea’s food is delicious, and the Kimchi is a solid proof of that. Kimchi can be considered either a stand alone dish or a side dish, either way, it’s delicious and you’ll most likely try it while you are there.
  5. South Korea is a very busy country.
    We are talking about the big cities here, like Seoul. Although the whole country gives off this vibe of “Calmness” they are very busy, fast-paced people, especially in the cities. Much like Tokyo, Japan, or even New York, you’ll find out very soon people always seem to be in a rush.

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