The Best Korean Skin Care Routine you need to try right now

Korean women (and even some men!) are well known for their flawless skin. That glowy, healthy skin that characterize them is something we all want to achieve, but don’t realize how much work is behind that.

That perfect skin doesn’t come for free, actually, Korean skin care routines have become an actually thing due to their success in making your face look ten times better than before.

If you want to be like most Korean girls, then you need to hop on the skin care routine trend and actually take care of your face! This ain’t easy, and it takes time, but it’s totally worth it.

The Best Korean Skin Care routine

The 10 (or more) steps korean skin care routine you have to try.

As you might have noticed by know, Korean skin care routines have way more steps than your regular one, so, let’s cut the talking and get on with it right now.

  1. Apply Oil cleansers: This one should take care of and remove any kind of impurities and oil-based makeup. You should apply it with a cotton pad and remove the makeup carefully, you don’t want to be too hard on your skin.
  2. Apply foam cleanser: These types of cleansers are used to finish off removing any kind of excess and dirt that might be left of your face that the oil cleanser couldn’t get.
  3. Finish off with water based cleanser: Last but not least, a water based cleanser will provide that deeper cleansing you need, removing anything left and leaving your face feeling nice and smooth.
  4. Exfoliate your skin: This step is vital, since exfoliating allows the dead cells of your skin to fall off and let the new ones shine through, which of course, will help your skin A LOT.
  5. Apply your favorite toner: After all that work, make sure to apply a toner that gives your skin that little boost it needs back. Make sure to use a Korean one, since they are more gentle on the skin.
  6. Apply essence: After the toner, applying an essence to prep your face for the next steps is vital. The essence gives your skin back that shiny, healthy look we’re after.
  7. Apply serum: If you didn’t know, serum has creat benefits for your skin! It can do wonders as to revitalize your skin, take care of certains marks, scars and coloration. It truly does it all.
  8. Use a sheet-mask: These are popular all over the world, but specially in Korea. Just put one on your face for about 15 minutes and let all the nutrients and great ingredients be absorbed by your skin.
  9. Apply eye cream: An eye cream moisturizer can keep those under bags on check and keep your skin looking as soft and free of expressions lines as ever.
  10. Continue with a face moisturizer: Apply this generously all over your face to seal everything off and make sure your whole face keeps feeling nice and smooth overnight.


A really great pro tip is to always remember to put on sunscreen before heading out to further take care of your skin! Other than that, this the full Korean skin care routine you should definitely follow every night!

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