The 2017 Best of Korean Beauty Award Winners

Each year, the Korean beauty community votes for their best korean beauty products in the whole market, and these awards set the tone for how good these products will do for the upcoming year.

The best of Korean Beauty Awards rates the millions of brands and beauty products based on two main things: Sells, and popularity amongst reviewers. It’s that way only the best products are picked. And today, you will get to know (and possibly buy!) some of these products :


The 2017 Best of Korean Beauty Award Winners 01


  • The Triple C Lightning Liquid

    This particular product wasn’t only amongst the best of Korean Beauty products in 2017, but it was chose by the public as the best Korean Beauty product in the whole year! This serum helps to hydrate your skin, disappears dark spots and helps with acne scarring! Honestly, what else could you possibly ask for?

  • Erborian Black Soap

    Black Soap was all over the place during 2017, being one of the most popular products, which of course, resulted in it making it into the best Korean beauty awards. This black soap does wonders for your skin. Not only it helps with eliminating oily skin but it’s also amazing for people who suffer from acne or acne scarring.

  • Organics Annatto Hair Oil

    This one isn’t a skin care product, but it was so incredibly popular and it did so well sales wise, it isn’t a surprise this hair oil is one of the best Korean Beauty products in the market.

    This particular oil helps to repair the dead ends of your hair as well and protecting from the heat and keeping it soft and silky the whole time. It is truly the best hair product you could possibly get your hands on.

  • Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence Intensive Moist

    If you are looking for a skin care product that hydrates your skin while evening out the coloring in your face and helping with dark spots and scars, this is the one.

    We aren’t lying when we say this product is extremely popular, and beauty lovers favorite when it comes to skin care products, so don’t be surprised if it runs out pretty quickly before you can get it!

  • Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser
    Have you ever wonder just how Korean women have such flawless skin? Is probably because they constantly use this particular product to keep their pores clean. So it is truly not a surprise this one made it into the best Korean Beauty products of 2017

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