Overcome My Dilemma Through Rhinopplasty


My nasal structure is flat and does not fit my facial structure. It pains me to see my face every time in the mirror and the more I see it; the more I get encouraged to go for surgery.




I have never been so bruised in my life. It was the first day after surgery the numbing pain engulfed me. I could neither move my head nor eat properly, breathing seemed to be a lot difficult than I imagined. Hopeful that I recover the earliest!




The bandages were still on but the swelling decreased considerably. I was back again breathing normally as much as possible with a slight pinch of pain every now and then. My facial movement was limited through.



One week after surgery, the main bandages were there but I can already see the shape of my nose. It looks elongated with a raised nasal tip. I started doing facial exercises little by little for I was told it would help me recover fast and my face would go back to its original shape.



A sneak peek after my total recovery!
No more stitches or bandages here, with not even the slightest of pain.
I clearly remember the first day after surgery; I was so much in pain and now, my reality was as good as my dream!
I am very content with my look now than ever before! Happy me…Happy life….Happy journey!

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