Peach And Lily Launches Korean Skin-Care Brand Ground Plan in the U.S

It is not a secret Korean Skin Care products are amongst the most the most popular skin products world wide. However, they are extremely hard to get your hands on unless you are from South Korea… Or that was until Peach & Lily stepped in.

Now, thanks to this incredibly online retailer, everyone in the U.S can get their favorite Korean Skin Care products without having to spend so much money on shipping them from across the world.

Lily Launches Korean Skin-Care Brand

Peach & Lily: Bringing you the best Korean Skin Care products

If you didn’t know it before, Peach & Lily are an online retailer that sells and ships Korean beauty products, specifically korean skin products to everyone in the U.S.

They are an online based store from which you can purchase all those amazing skin care products you have seen, but never got to try. And now, they are finally bringing Ground Plan to the U.S.

Adding another incredibly famous and successful skin care line into their online store, Peach & Lily is bringing Ground Plan, finally making the brand available in the whole U.S territory.

Get to know the amazing Ground Plan brand

  Ground Plan is one of the top three skin care brands in all South Korea, which is of course, already extremely impressive. The brand has been around for a while now, but only now it’s available in the United States of America.

This brand is well known for their completely eco-friendly skin care products. They are a industry that creates their products without using any type of damaging chemicals, always focusing on trying to use nothing but natural products.

Which means, every single one of the products made by Ground Plan is completely soft to the skin. Not even one of their products is toxic or damaging, and each one is made so carefully, you can put it on the softest skin and it will treat it gently.

Now, thanks to Peach & Lily, you can get this products shipped to your own house! You can get the through their online platform and purchase as many Ground Plan products as you wish!

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