Korean Fashion Trends that took 2018 by storm

South Korea is well known all over the world for their culture, the Kpop, their delicious food and of course, their undeniable fashion sense, completely different from Western fashion style.

Korean Fashion is, by far, one of the edgiest and popular fashion industries of all Asia (yes, even over Japan!) From androgynous clothes to very colorful pieces, Korean Fashion has it all.

And today, we are going to take a quick look at the Korean Fashion Trends that took 2018 by storm and are currently getting everyone obsessed with it! Are you ready to take a look at them?

Korean fashion

  1. It is pretty obvious harnesses are all over Korean Fashion right now! It doesn’t matter if you wear them under or over your clothes, the important thing is to add them into your look.

    From leg harness to chest and arms harness, this trend is extremely IN right now. And it looks even better when you match them and wear them over your clothes. Definitely an edgy fashion trend.

  2. Cold shoulders.
    This particular fashion trend was born back in 2015 but it is still extremely popular all over the world, and it has taken an interesting turn in Korea.

    Wearing shirts with deep and edgy cuts that showcase at least a few your shoulders is the newest fashion trend in Korea, especially amongst men fashion.

  3. Long sleeves.
    Long sleeve shirts and blouses are one of the biggest trends in South Korea right now! It really doesn’t matter what’s the style of the shirt, as long as it has big, long sleeves to go with it. Paired up with very slim jeans or bottoms, this trend is definitely one of the most popular amongst fashionistas.
  4. Plastic everything.
    Well, maybe not everything, but plastic jackets and other clothing items are becoming extremely popular both in Korean Fashion and Western fashion as well. Definitely, another uncommon and edgy fashion trend to look up for.
  5. Layers, layers everywhere.
    Last, but not least, wearing a lot of layers seems to be one of the latest Korean Fashion trends that are taking the world by storm. This particular trend of combining your clothes to create various layers isn’t only popular in South Korea, but in Japan as well!

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