Korean Skin Care Habits – Korean Beauty Tips And Tricks

Korean Women are well known all around the world for their flawless faces, it’s like they are porcelain dolls! No acne, no dry spots… They are always looking fresh, natural and of course, beautiful.

Keeping that in mind, it’s not a surprise Korean beauty tips are so popular, it’s because they work! So, if you want to have really flawless skin just like them, here are top five Korean beauty tips you need to start following right now:

Korean Beauty Tips 1

  • Apply face masks
    This is one of the most popular korean beauty tips out there, and it’s incredibly easy to follow: Find a face mask that works for your type of skin and apply it.

    It’s recommended to apply a face mask at least three times a week in order to keep your face looking fresh and hydrated the whole time, so make sure you do this!


  • Drinking a lot of water
    One of the main reasons Korean women have such beautiful, glowy skin is because they keep themselves hydrated the whole time! It’s not all about the products, it’s also about making sure you are drinking enough water.

    Actually, many Korean supermodels attribute their glowing skin to always carrying a bottle of water around and making sure they are drinking the right amount daily.


  • Always, always, moisturize your skin
    Natural Oils are Korean Women’s best friends when it comes to beauty tips. Not only is recommended you apply oils to your face to keep it moisturized and healthy, but to others part of your body too!

    For the face, include natural oils into your skin routine to keep it moisturized and hydrated the whole time. And, for the body (Hands, elbows and dry spots…) Carry around a bottle of your favorite oil (coconut works fine!) to moisturize when needed it.


  • Drink ginseng tea
    Korean Women don’t only take care of their skin, but of their whole body too! And they do this by drinking ginseng tea at least once a day in order to desintoxicate their body from the bad toxins, plus, it helps achieving a great skin too!


  • Wash your face with Milk
    Last, but not least Korean Beauty tip you should try right now ins washing your face with milk. It sounds crazy, we know, but it works wonders when it comes to making your skin smooth and nice to the touch. Just add this simple step into your skin care routine!

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