“In my room” The latest Music Video by Moon Byul you need to watch right now

This last thrustay the Korean pop artist also known as Moon Byul dropped her latest Music video for her new single “In My Room”, setting up her comeback and surprising everyone with great music and visuals.

If you haven’t heard of her, she’s a Kpop idol that’s slowly but surely making her way up into the industry. This isn’t her first song, and it’s still brand new, but one thing is for sure: The Music Video is amazing.

The In My Room music video was produced by her record label 1theK, and it’s exactly three minutes long of great visuals, amazing color scheme and some really cool effects.

In my room The latest Music Video by Moon Byul you need to watch right now 2

What people are saying about the “In My Room Music Video”

All you need to do is to take a look at the comment section on the Music Video and you’ll realize how much people seem to like it! And no wonder, since it is truly a great piece.

The video has an overall angsty kinda edgy vibe that reflects the sad lyrics of the song. Although the video we also see Moon Byul walking around (looking amazing as ever) being kinda conflicted with what’s happening.


The neon lights, the red/purple color scheme and the street style of this music video really sets it apart from the rest, specially from her previous style in the MAMAMOO music videos.

Music blogs like Seoulbeats and The Bialist have reviewed this Music video as melancholic yet really entertaining. Also, a lot of people have commented about how the main rapper of former girl group MAMAMOO really set her own vibe with this music video.

In my room The latest Music Video by Moon Byul you need to watch right now 3

And the truth is, we totally agree with this. The “In My Room” music video has everything a good music video should have: Amazing shots and urban scenery that go with the lyrics, the subtle use of special effects, and a gorgeous lead that appears throughout the video.

It is true that the music video is really slow paced and isn’t filled with breathtaking visuals like most kpop videos are, but it suits the theme of the song perfectly, so in this case, it works wonderfully.

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