Childhood Dream Fulfilled After Facial Contouring


The above pictures are my before the surgery pictures.
I was not all photogenic and I knew why! The double chin, snared nose and round face truly shattered my hope.
I was the target of bullies all the time. After a lot of thinking, I decided to do V-line facial contouring.



I feel truly apprehensive in light of my first surgery.
My surgery was effective…. after surgery, I had nosebleeds but I overcame it & my recovery was quick. My cheekbones were fine; hence, I was discharged on the second day after surgery.



One week after surgery, my swelling was reducing gradually.
For better results, I used the ice pack and oxygen treatment very often & saw the effect very quickly.



One month later, my nose and a facial line started to take its new shape.
The Nose looked natural and sharper than before.
This outcome is truly nice…quite satisfied with the outcome!

Two months after surgery my facial line is changing a great deal.
From temple to jaw, my facial line looks exceptionally natural.


It was three months after surgery…
I’m truly happy seeing my face in light of the fact that the greater part of the swelling is reduced very quick…


My facial line is currently more excellent and natural.
Now my nose looks sharp and precise as I need….


It was five months after surgery.
Presently my facial line appeared to be natural V-line… and I’m looking exceptionally good with this hair style….


People and the individuals who had the surgery they said, it would improve as the time goes… But, now I can comprehend that I picked up my own particular experience…
Day by day my facial line looks beautifully natural and
I am truly happy for this outcome….


1.10This photograph was taken nine months after the surgery.
Take a look at my face….! Presently my facial line looks much thinner than before and it’s smooth too. My facial line is natural to the point that nobody can assume that I had the surgery.
Thanks a lot.…

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