Korean pop
If you have started listening to Kpop recently, you might have already noticed the huge differences between Korean Pop culture and American one, and it’s because the music industry in South Korea is completely different from what we are use to. Korean people take pop culture to a whole newKeep Reading
Korean fashion
South Korea is well known all over the world for their culture, the Kpop, their delicious food and of course, their undeniable fashion sense, completely different from Western fashion style. Korean Fashion is, by far, one of the edgiest and popular fashion industries of all Asia (yes, even over Japan!)Keep Reading
Korean beauty
It isn’t a secret for anyone that Korean women (and men too!) have incredible flawless skin. They are known worldwide for always having healthy, glowy skin, but… How do they do this? The truth is, Koreans take great care of their skin and don’t take skin care lightly. From extensiveKeep Reading
Korean travel
South Korea is one of the most visited Asian countries, receiving millions of tourist from all around the world each year, a tourist who, like you, want to get to know all the beautiful places this country has to offer. This country really has it all, from stunning natural locationsKeep Reading
Korean culture
Finally, after two years of not releasing any music, pop star Ariana Grande is coming back to the music industry with her new album, and fans all over the world are impatiently waiting for it. The massive superstar went into hiding after the horrible terrorist attack that happened in ManchesterKeep Reading