Beauty Azerbaijan 2016

Beauty Azerbaijan

The Leading Beauty contest of Azerbaijan which has been growing extremely popular over the recent years and is the leading event for the beauty industry held in Azerbaijan. This event is the get-together of industry leaders of beauty product manufacturers, distributors and also the manufacturer of perfumes and cosmetics. The hospitals also gather the famous hospitals and clinics that provide beauty surgery. As this is an international event, the industry attracts the global professionals to enter the Azerbaijani market which is developing rapidly and also the local specialist has the chance to get to know the global standard and taste of a product.

Fact of Beauty Azerbaijan

  • The year of foundation: 2007
  • Frequency: Annual
  • Space : 2700 sq.m.
  • Exhibitor: 189
  • Participating Countries: 25
  • 70% of the Exhibitors establish new connection of clients
  • 60% of the exhibition confirms their place for next year.
  • The number of average visitors is 5000 and growing every year

The Participating Countries are Ukraine, Switzerland, Turkey, India, Greece, Germany, UK, South Korea, Lebanon, Czech Republic, Latvia, Portugal, Belarus, China, Finland, Russia, Georgia, Bahrain, UAE, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Iran.

This exhibition and expo also attract the international visitors from

USA, Ukraine, Belarus, Brazil, Netherlands, Poland, Turkmenistan, UAE, Czech Republic, Georgia, Sudan, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Slovenia, Spain, India, Iran, Portugal, Russia, China, Germany, Israel, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia.

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