Basic guide to travel to South Korea

South Korea is a great country to visit during your next summer vacations. The culture, the kpop mania, the delicious food and of course, all the interesting places make South Korea a tourist favorite!

However, traveling all the way to Korea can be quite a challenge, specially for those first time travelers who don’t know too much about flights, booking hotels and more.

So, to help you out, here is a quick and short guide about all the basic information you should keep in mind when planning your very first trip to South Korea, hope you are ready!

Why Everyone is Suddenly Listening To K-POP

Five easy tips for first time travelers visiting South Korea

Your adventure to this beautiful country starts even before you get on a plane! You need to start planning your trip in advance if you don’t wanna end up lost. And to help you, here are some tips:

  1. Book your flight with asian airlines.
    There’s nothing wrong with American airlines, but the truth is, you will find out your trip to South Korea so much easier if you just book your flight with whatever asian airline you like.
  2. Learn about the language and the country.
    Do your homework before traveling! You’ll be in a completely different environment and learning the basic Korean words and phrases are a MUST (Hangul is the korean alphabet, and it’s quite easy to learn, at least the basics)
  3. Book your hotel rooms in advance.
    Another pro-tip is making sure you have already booked your hotel room before flying to the country. This way you will be 100% sure you have a place to stay once you arrive.

What to do in South Korea

Like we mentioned, South Korea is a tourist country for many reasons, one of them being the many. many things you can see, do and explore while in the country.

So, once you’ve changed your money into the local currency and are ready to head out, here are some cool places to visit:

  1. Visit Seoul: It’s the Capital of South Korea and the home of many other tourist places!
  2. Visit the Seoul Grand Park: Museums, a Zoo and green spots are waiting for you at this beautiful park within the city.
  3. Go to the cherry blossom festival: Much like in Japan, South Korea is known for their famous cherry blossom festival too!

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