Ariana Grande’s New Album: All you need to know about it

Finally, after two years of not releasing any music, pop star Ariana Grande is coming back to the music industry with her new album, and fans all over the world are impatiently waiting for it.

The massive superstar went into hiding after the horrible terrorist attack that happened in Manchester during one of her concerts. After doing and performing on her own charity event only a week later after the horrible incident, Ariana simply disappeared for a while.

But now, the Ariana Grande we all love and care about is finally back with a brand new album that’s set to blow our minds away! And, to prepare us for the big hits and amazing music, here’s everything you need to know about the album so far.

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All you need to know about Ariana’s new album.

  • The album is called Sweetener: Ariana revealed the name of the album during an interview with Jimmy Fallon, finally letting us know. She admitted she wanted the album to bring love into the world, which is why she decided to called it sweetener!
  • The first single is out right now: No tears left to cry is the first single of the album and it came out about a month ago now, surprising everyone with the song, the stunning visuals and the definitive come back into the music industry. If you haven’t watch it yet, you really should!
  • We already know some of the track list: Although Ariana hasn’t revealed the full track list, we do know some of the names of the songs, such like “God is a woman” and “The light is coming
  • The second single will be dropping soon: The beautiful Ariana Grande promised that on the 20th day of each month leading to the date the album is set to be released, she will drop something special, and the song and music video for The Light is Coming is set to drop this June 20! What we know so far is that rap sensation Nicki Minaj will appear on the song (and music video!)
  • We already know the album cover: Ariana can’t seem to keep the album a secret anymore and the queen of pop has already shown the full cover of her new album through her Twitter account for fans to see! And we must say, it is really pretty.


As you can see, we already know a lot (yet so little!) about the album, and now you know it too! Get ready, because Sweetener is coming up, and it will top all the charts.

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